About Us

The idea for Full Service Property Management came from our collective experiences as attorneys who fight on behalf of property owners and landlords.

Our clients have included all varieties of professional and individual, residential and commercial property owners. Our offices have assisted rental owners who simply did not have the time to adequately manage their property and have seen the problems this can lead to. Other clients did not understand the legal requirements and restrictions that faced them as landlords. Still other property owners simply need assistance in making sure their property and the associated taxes and bills were properly maintained and managed.

A disturbing trend has been representing land owners in evictions or lawsuits that were either caused by or complicated by, the improper actions of the people managing the property. In this age of increased litigation and increasing tenants rights, rental property owners find themselves losing their tenants, their past due rents and still having to pay out damages to these tenants unless the property is managed in a legally efficient manner with a strong emphasis on protecting the property owner’s legal rights and financial health.

These types of cases and the difficulties that we find ourselves helping our clients out of, taught us that there was a great need for high quality, legally oriented property management services, that would protect the financial and legal interests of their clients

Full Service Property Management will gladly assess the rental value of your property, screen for qualified tenants, and assist in providing you quality maintenance and repair services all for no additional cost or mark ups. In addition to these basic management services, our attorneys can provide a wide variety of legal services including evictions, tax exempt exchanges or any other legal concerns you might have. We personally represent you in any uncontested evictions, concerning properties that we manage and, in which we have placed a tenant, at no additional cost to you. Evictions involving tenants we have not placed in the property may be done by us at a reduced rate.

Full Service Property Management takes an approach to property management that is simple, we want to help you get the best possible return on your investment with the least amount of worry about what is happening with your property.

If you are looking for a smaller management company that won't lose track of you, who knows the answers to your questions when you call, and pays attention to the details, Full Service Property Management is the right company for you. We look forward to creating a caring and unique approach to working with you and your rental properties. Should you have any further questions or concerns, we welcome your call and will be glad to help.